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Young Coaches Development Programme

One of Bromley Judo Academy’s core value’s is to empower, assist and support young Judoka, to be all they can be within the sport. It doesn’t matter which pathway they choose, we will be there to help and guide them.

One of the pathways that Bromley Judo Academy offers, is the Academy Youth and Junior Coaching Scheme Programme. This is a progressive supported programme of CPD and has 3 qualifying levels over a 7 year period.

The initial criteria for entry into this scheme’s programme is that you must:

be aged 10 and above

be a minimum grade of 3rd Mon

have the recommendation of Sensei Adrian or Sensei Ben

Hugo and Emily after they were presented with their official Bromley Judo Academy Junior Coaching ID cards for showing success at their level.
Bromley Judo Academy Youth and Junior Coaches after being issued with their 2019 Judo diaries, individual homework assessments and Coaching assignments for January – June 2019.
The Academy welcomes Alicia and Katie into our Young Coaches Development Programme
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