Bromley and Downham Youth and Community Centre, 41 Valeswood Road, Bromley, BR1 4RD 07956516028 Friday evenings: 6pm-7pm - 5-7 years mat, 7.15pm-8.15pm - 8-16 years mat, 8.30pm-10pm - Seniors 17+

Bromley Judo Academy Rules

The following rules apply to all Judoka that attend our academy, including visitors.

  1. Never practice Judo outside of the dojo.
  2. Always treat senior judoka with respect and never treat younger or lower grade judoka with disrespect.
  3. Never indulge in “horse play” whilst in the dojo, especially before the starting line up and during sessions.
  4. Always listen to the Sensei during sessions.
  5. Never walk off the tatame (mat) without proper footwear.
  6. Try to maintain good timekeeping. If you are late for a session, ask for permission and wait to join the session.
  7. In the interest of personal hygiene, always ensure you keep your gi and yourself clean.
  8. Ensure that finger and toenails are clean and short before arrival at the dojo.
  9. All hair that grows longer than the collar should be tied up using cloth hair ties that do not contain metal or plastic. This applies to both male and female judoka.
  10. Remove all jewellery and piercings before you start training.
  11. Any injuries or medical conditions should be reported to the Sensei prior to the start of the session.
  12. Always bow inwards where the mat is upon entering and leaving the dojo.
  13. Always bow inwards to the mat area upon stepping onto and off the tatame.
  14. ALL Academy members should raise their hand to seek permission from Sensei when stepping onto the mat for the 1st time or when returning to the mat.
  15. Always be prepared to train hard and give 100% in everything YOU do!
  16. Always conduct yourself in a manner befitting a member of this noble martial art, and your Academy.
  17. Never show off or think you are better than anyone else!
  18. Always remain true to your Academy Club, your Sensei, your friends and of course Judo.
  19. Judo is a martial art for ALL! We at Bromley Judo Academy will not tolerate any form of prejudice or discrimination.
  20. Never allow yourself to think you are lower than anyone, we are ALL equal!
  21. When on the tatame, always adopt a correct posture when standing, kneeling or sitting (no folding arms, no hands on hips, no slouching etc)
  22. ALL Academy members are required to follow and adhere to the JUDO CODE when attending Bromley Judo Academy.
  23. ALL Academy members are to ensure that their code of conduct is both appropriate and acceptable within the dojo. The relationship between young judoka and Academy Coaches MUST remain professional and correct at all times.
  24. Bullying of any description by ANY member of the Academy, be it verbal, physical, mental or otherwise will NOT be tolerated and could lead to instant dismissal from Bromley Judo Academy.
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