Bromley and Downham Youth and Community Centre, 41 Valeswood Road, Bromley, BR1 4RD 07956516028 Friday evenings: 6pm-7pm - 5-7 years mat, 7.15pm-8.15pm - 8-16 years mat, 8.30pm-10pm - Seniors 17+

Judo Code

The Judo Code



Be a good sport, encourage equality and do not stand for bullying.


Show good manners to your Coach and to each other, always been polite, follow Judo etiquette in the dojo – bow on entering and leaving the dojo, bow when you go onto and leave the mat, bow to your Coach at the beginning and end of the session, bow to your partner at the start and at the end of each practice.


Face difficulty without fear.


Be polite to other people


Control over yourself and your actions.


Work hard, listen to instructions, be punctual and don’t miss lessons.


Be without vanity or boasting


Be a good friend, be helpful and kind, and always welcome newcomers.


Pay attention to personal cleanliness, keep fingernails and toenails short and clean, wear clean judo clothing, no footwear on the mat and always wear your zoris/footwear off the mat.


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